Online businesses have been flourishing in this age of extreme IT progress and innovation. Logically, the advent of eCommerce solutions is a norm for these days. So, among various prolific eCommerce platforms, we have at our disposal today one has so far made the most into the hearts of general audience – 3Dcart –, and it is about the 7 best 3dcart responsive templates I will be telling you in this informative chronicle. But how is this helpful or valuable to you? Well, might not be for all of you but those who have their 3dcart stores running or are thinking of setting up one, this narrative will provide you the very initial firm basis of choosing the best 3dcart responsive templates to obtain maximum exposure for your site across all devices. And what’s more! All of these responsive templates are completely free, so will you be reading a bit carefully now? Let’s begin.

 7 Best 3Dcart Responsive Templates

 Gearhead 3Dcart Template

A gorgeous free responsive template for your 3dcart online store. Gearhead theme has an excellent interface that helps make your website more appealing visually and easier to explore by the visitor.  This theme is highly simple to customize based on your preferred choices. You can upload your logo in the logo section which is placed on the top left side of the header, a featured product category section and featured product image slider on the homepage at the bottom of the header. Plus, you have a drop-down rich menu functionality with main navigation on the top left of the header and category menu in the lower part of the logo. Mailing list subscription and links to other pages are found in the footer section while social media integration is on the top right side of the header. So, enjoy the modern and neat appearance of this 3dcart responsive template and prosper your store significantly.

 Metropole 3Dcart Responsive Template

Metropole is another classic example of a combination of minimalism with the elegance of layout. This free responsive template by 3dcart offers you some excellent customization options for your online store. Metropole has a simple design which consists a homepage structure with full-width image slider at the bottom of category navigation menu. You can place your logo on the theme which is located on the left-side of the header with the main navigation menu on the same lane in the right-side.  

There is also the option to place your custom banners on both the left and the right side of your homepage, which are hidden by default in the theme and you can open and upload them from the 3dcart CMS dashboard. Just under the full-width image slider on the homepage is your featured product section as well where you can display your products. In the footer area, there is a centered aligned linking menu to other pages and wide-bar mailing list in the center as well followed by social media links in the right-side of the bottom. So, try out Metropole and experience bring a whole different look to your website.

Classic Time Free 3Dcart Responsive Theme

Classic Time 3dcart responsive template is surely a classical piece of supreme quality web designing. This elegant theme has a classy and a regal appearance which will mesmerize the visitor of the site wherever it is used. The secret lies in its eye-friendly color combination of dark gray and whitish background, but let us highlight a bit on its layout. Classic Time has a left-sided main menu which is located at the top of the header. The logo section provides a little bit more than just the logo, and it is located on the left banner right under the main menu. There is a full-width image slider, featured product section on the homepage, left-banner category menu, a pop-up style search bar located on the top right with social media icon and a hidden right-side banner option. You can place several links in the footer section alongside the center-aligned mailing list subscription function. With additional information of importance. Classic Time worth’s a consideration if you have some seriousness towards the look of your site.

Luxury Sunglasses 3Dcart Free Responsive Template

Luxury Sunglasses is a very exquisite type of 3dcart theme which gives much to your site for no cost at all. The theme’s homepage layout is divided into 3 different sections that beautifully expresses the core products/message of your site to the visitor. Luxury Sunglasses theme sports a right-aligned category menu, a logo section on the left side in the header, both left/right banner options, and the main navigation menu on the top left above the header.

On the homepage, you have full-width custom product image functionality and right at its bottom, you can showcase your site’s featured products. The footer of this theme contains mailing list subscription option on the left side bottom and social media integration on the right side. I bet you should try Luxury Sunglasses once to have a feel of its suburb features and interface.

 Poster Service 3Dcart Responsive Free Theme

This is one of the most basic and simplest 3dcart responsive templates you can ever come across. There is not too much fancy or show-offs in this light theme. The layout is very easy to customize according to your preferences because of its simplicity. Its header contains the main navigation menu on the right side in the header, a left sided category menu in the header, the pop-up search bar on the top right side of the template, max-width image section under the header, and a long feature-products section on the main homepage.

In the footer, you get mailing list subscription on the bottom right side and 3 different sections of links on the left aspect of the footer where you can place other information/links for your site’s exploration. Poster Service 3dcart theme is well-suited for those who do not like to get too fancy and prefer a simply beautiful design for their site.

 Vinyard 3Dcart Free Template

Vinyard 3dcart responsive template is very handsome and lively theme for your store. Vinyard sports a very retina-friendly interface with steady and straightforward options right in front of the visitor. It has somewhat a similar look like another 3dcart responsive template Classic times, but with little modification of its own. On the topmost left side is located the main menu and you have a logo section just below main navigation which is a left-sided banner on the frame.

On this left banner, you can not only have your logo but a search bar, category menu, and social media links as well. On the homepage layout you have a full-width image slider and right under its nose is the featured products section that carries well down till the end. It means that this theme uniquely combines Center and the footer of the homepage in one huge section. So, try out Vinyard and give your site this uniquely beautiful look.


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