Since WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS services around the globe, it automatically makes WooCommerce the most utilized eCommerce service as well. So, let us begin our comparison of this fierce competitor to 3dcart and see what are the major differences and benefits a user may get by using these profound eCommerce services. We’ll take off with the pricing difference between the two.

Since WooCommerce is a mere plugin-based service, there are separate modules in it which can be purchased in place of traditional plans. While the downloading and installation of the plugin with minimal basic settings are free, but if you want to maximize the progress of your store, you will need to activate different modules found in WooCommerce “Membership Plans” panel. Otherwise, the per-site subscription offers by WooCommerce are as follows:

Single Website: $199

Five Websites: $249

25 Sites: $399

So, as we have mentioned above, WooCommerce provides different functional modules you will still need to purchase to unleash WooCommerce magic fully. While we cannot enlist the price of all of WooCommerce’ modules but here few of the most popular ones:

Bookings Module: $249

Membership Module: $149

Table Rate Shipping Module: $199

Subscription Module: $199

Group Module: $79

Product Add-Ons Module: $49

So these are the basic and widely used WooCommerce modules with their rates. Now, let us take a brief look at the fees and other related costs you may have to succumb to while using WooCommerce for your website. WooCommerce can be an expensive option for new business owners because while already you are paying significant costs for services mentioned above, there are additional transaction fees you need to pay on both WooCommerce supportive payment gateways and the third party ones. The charges vary depending on the payment gateway you use, but it normally ranges from 2.5% to 3% per transaction.

On the other hand, should you use a merchant bank account then there is a monthly service fee to pay as well. This is the major downfall of WooCommerce for new or small-scale businesses. The aggregate costs of such services (including with those of WooCommerce modules) may well cut a significant portion of online business owners monthly revenues. However, wait! Let us see now that how 3dcart can prove strikingly different money saving option for you in this aspect as compared to WooCommerce below.

3Dcart -:

3Dcart, when compared to WooCommerce’ pricing, significantly cuts down your monthly service charges and boosts your profit. As we have keenly defined its pricing and other finance related information in the comparisons above, but here are some key details to ponder over here again:

·         Pricing between $9.99 to $99.99 monthly. On annual pay scale, you will get sufficient discounted monthly rates as well

·         No extra or hidden charges on above comparisons, 3dcart gives you few main advantages upon WooCommerce.

·         No transaction fee on your choice of more than 100+ payment gateway providers.

·         Up to 5 different affordable plans with essential features/tools and some additional enhancements as well per plan.

·         Plus, 60+ free responsive themes with clear and intuitive backend CMS integrated with lots of amazing features/tools for free.

·         Upon using a high-end 3dcart package with high bandwidth and traffic, you will get 15% annual bonus on your costs. The high-end package rates are equal to those of the core subscription rates offered by WooCommerce, another great perk you will enjoy over WooCommerce.

Moreover, there is so much more to save and earn in 3dcart as you will be able to get a free credit of $70 worth for your Bing Ads campaign and an integrated affiliate marketing campaign to make real cash and exposure. So, in all respects, 3dcart does beat WooCommerce’ high-priced services with an ease and by giving much greater options than you can have in WooCommerce.

Marketing, SEO, Branding …

WooCommerce -:

Since WooCommerce is used exclusively and only for WordPress websites, SEO is never an issue for eCommerce sites in WP. While WooCommerce itself provides basic on-page SEO features such as product descriptions, titles & tags, images/multimedia, and one unique feature that is Google Shopping Feed. You can setup your Google Shopping Feed inside WooCommerce, and it will help put your product images on the top of Google shopping searches. Plus, the benefit if using WP will open an enormous range of popular SEO plugins like SEO Yoast, all in one SEO pack, and others to you so combined with WooCommerce SEO credentials, there is nothing equivalent to WooCommerce SEO service right now in the web world.

On the other hand, marketing tools are quite limited and necessary in WooCommerce. You can maximize the exposure of your website by using such features as coupons or deals, product reviews, verification certifications, and discounted codes. It is quite a bit of a shock to learn that one of the most widely used eCommerce extensions does not have such a sufficient amount of marketing tools in it. This might be because WooCommerce is ultimate in SEO, but that is also due to its integration with WordPress, which is the world’s most SEO-friendly CMS.

3Dcart -:

While 3dcart may not have such wider SEO plugin support as WordPress but the platform does include a very significant amount of SEO tools that you scarcely may need any other alternative. 3Dcart sports a strong on-page SEO credentials as well as value-additions like 301 Redirects, custom URL’s, and canon links. This is a worthy noticeable of 3dcart because you do not get these SEO credentials in any of the custom SEO settings in any other eCommerce platforms.

3Dcart also proffers great marketing utilities within its dashboard for an eager user. There are all sorts of fruits you can reap from 3dcart’s marketing tools like referral system, affiliate marketing program, gift registry, email marketing campaign, and much more. Let there be no doubt when 3dcart vs. other popular eCommerce platforms, you will always find that 3dcart comes up with an answer to any of your requirements which can’t be met easily on other platforms. Anyways, let us continue to see what’s more we have on our sleeve to show you about WooCommerce and 3dcart.

Extensibility & Interface

WooCommerce -:

WooCommerce proffers a great easy to use modern and neat interface for business owners to play with. While in complete line with all exclusive premium and free WP themes, WooCommerce’ developers have taken great care to make its interface easier for the novices. The admin panel of WooCommerce is much similar in look to WP backend and structured in a neat way for you to go through different options/areas to build effective front-end store.

WooCommerce marketplace is also a good way to bring in additional variety to your online store. It contained over 300 free and paid extensions/modules to incorporate with WooCommerce. You can visit WooCommerce store right from WooCommerce dashboard in WP and install those extensions you would like to have in your online store to enhance its functionality.

3Dcart -:

3Dcart has its unique set of features/tools that make up its interface. With an easy to understand and intuitive structure, 3dcart is favored to be the easiest CMS to build an online store. As we have mentioned numerous times already, you can easily upload products, make blog posts, write reviews and descriptions, and keep all things managed within its dashboard. The greatest thing in 3dcart’s dashboard is its varied features collectively placed inside it with sufficient help guidelines providing you step-by-step procedures on how to exploit them.

Also, 3dcart store offers you a huge range of extensions (both free and paid) that will enhance your store’s functionality effectively. There are all those plugins available which you can utilize to make your store appealing and better functionally. The obvious point in 3dcart’s store is its much lower prices for the plugins that are premium as compared to other eCommerce platform markets. So, in an overall sense, you get the best features of relatively lower cost when you use 3dcart for your eCommerce website. So, are you ready to migrate to 3dcart? 

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