3Dcart and Shopify are undoubtedly the two leading sought-after eCommerce platforms available on the web today. Although, there are not many differences between 3dcart and Shopify but some key points are there to discuss. To begin with, may I bring the financial factor into your consideration first as this is the most important of all. As compared to 3dcart’s subscription plans, Shopify can be a quite expensive one with the limitation of services. Let’s take a look at the comparison of both respective eCommerce platforms plans below.

 Shopify Pricing -:

Price range: $9.99 to $179

Plans: Lite, Basic, Pro, and Unlimited.

Products Inclusion: Unlimited on all plans

Storage: Unlimited on all plans

Transaction Fees: Shopify payments are free, but if you use your preferred external payment gateway, you will be charged 2.0% on Lite and Basic, 1.0% on Pro and 0.5% on Unlimited.

Retail Packages: Retail Packages on all plans will cost an additional $40.

Credit Card Charges: 2.9% on Lite/Basic & 2.6% (Pro) 2.4% (Unlimited) for all online transactions. For “In Person” Credit Card transactions you will be charged 2.7% on both Lite and Basic and 2.4% on Pro and 2.2% on Unlimited.

Now, shall we compare the plans of 3dcart with the ones mentioned above of Shopify and see what difference we have there, and the benefit in using 3dcart? Read below:

3Dcart Pricing -:

Price Range: $9 to $99

Product Inclusion: 25 to unlimited

Plans: Nano, Mini, Starter, Professional and Professional Plus

Transaction Fee: None

Yearly Bonuses: 15% and above (on high-end packages)

File Storage: Unlimited on all plans

24x7 Support: Unlimited on all plans

Other Charges: None

Social Integration: On all plans

Responsive Themes: 60+ on all plans

Moreover, there is so much more. So, as we can see, Shopify can be a quite expensive option when it comes to setting up an online store. Although, Shopify still have an edge over 3dcart because they are hosting more than 200, 000 stores as compared to 23, 000 of 3dcart, the features and plans offered by 3dcart are something any new or existing business would certainly love to have. However, wait! This is not the only thing we will be highlighting to you in this narrative where 3dcart vs. other popular eCommerce platforms, there is more to know about what are other differences 3dcart and Shopify has. Let’s move on.

 Marketing, SEO, & Branding

While Shopify does provide strong marketing and branding features to satisfy your appetite for exposure and traffic, but it is the 3Dcart eCommerce platform which clearly beats Shopify in this section with complete 5-star marketing solutions for your online store. Let’s take a look at on both platforms credentials in this sector.

Shopify -:

Shopify is reasonably a good eCommerce portal when it comes to providing branding solutions for your online store. They have a built-in SEO optimization tools which you can customize according to your preferences on an already SEO-friendly theme to get more search engine friendly. Plus, you will get access to selling on Facebook at your official page where you can deliver daily deals, discount coupons, and other amenities to your fans. Finally, you will get a free $100 credit for Google AdWords, and you can also utilize their email marketing system.  

3Dcart -:

3dcart is the king when it comes to providing world-class marketing and SEO solutions to their users. The platform is already highly optimized for SEO, but it still offers additional on-site SEO options (more than Shopify) to optimize your site further for good. Some of its unique SEO features, which you won't find in most other eCommerce platforms, are:

·         301 Redirects

·         Canonical URL’s

·         Custom File Names

All of these options increases your websites reliability in the eyes of the search engines. Plus, 3dcart also offers high-quality utilities/tools for some effective online branding of your store. 3dcart users can benefit from the in-built affiliate marketing program of 3dcart, referral system, gift registry, points-based rewarding schemes, and so much more on 3dcart. You will additionally get a free credit of $75 geared to your Bing adverts campaign. 

Interface & Extensibility

Shopify -:

Shopify sports a classically designed backend with a comprehensive extension support which gives this eCommerce platform a significant edge on others. Shopify provides you a large app store from where you can purchase plugins/extension for a variety of tasks. Plus, the necessary backend tools in Shopify are one of the easiest to understand, and they augment the process of setting up your store in a quick manner. However, with all of these positive points, there lack but one thing which is scorned by many to Shopify. The thing is that you will not find free extensions or modules that can enhance the working of your online store. Every item from Shopify’s app store carries a price tag. 

3Dcart -:

The most noticeable edge 3dcart has over Shopify on this section is its excellent infrastructure. While you might need the help of extra add-ons in Shopify to maximize your store’s functionality, 3dcart already possess enough functionality and flexibility which does not need the help of any third party extensions.

This is a great perk on your behalf since it cuts the additional cost of buying value-addition extensions, such as in Shopify. Another great thing about 3dcart is its dedicated app store from where you can get some essential extensions for free if you need them at all. However, since almost all the required functions are there within the backend, you will hardly need to use their app store.

The backend of 3dcart is also pretty easy to understand and to customize according to your needs. Though, Shopify does have a slight edge over 3dcart on this because they utilize a modern interface, but still it is about flexibility and functionality that matters the most in which 3dcart apparently took the number 1 position. Moreover, for sure, migrating and or creating an altogether new store on 3dcart is also very easier because they provide dedicated service of development/design from within their respective teams and third party registered developers as well. 

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