CE Edition of Magento is geared towards small scale to mid-range online businesses. The other is Magento Enterprise Edition which is an exclusive and expensive paid service created for large-scale businesses. So, what pros or cons does Magento have over 3dcart? Which one is better for you to begin your career online? Let’s find out these questions in our comparison below between 3dcart and Magento, head to head.


Magento -:

There are really not much details to share about the service Magento offers but I will give you a quick important brief. You see, the Magento CE Edition is completely free and does not cost you for installation and usage.  The CE Edition provides you:

·         Inituative and helpful instructor-led training on using your Magento store

·         CE Edition connects you with numerous bright individuals around the world who share information and solve each other’s issues

·         Provides Magento store integration and market-place developers to make changes to your store

·         Magento eCommerce interface contains all kinds of generic tools/utilities that will help your online store to market and grow its influence over the audience on the web.

On the other hand, Magento Enterprise Edition can be the costliest affair for some. This plan offers a complete range of eCommerce solution but settles down on a cost between $15, 000 to $77, 000 a year. Now that is a way low-down for someone who is just beginning to or have a mid-range online business. That is why Magento brings this expensive eCommerce solution for only the most advanced and large-scale businesses on the web. So, Magento, in general, has these services to offer to their users.

3Dcart -:

Comparing to Magento’s plans, 3dcart seems to be more flexible, affordable and incorporates a variety of eCommerce solutions that meets the needs of the early startups to an established wide-scale global online business. There are five different packages offered by 3dcart, and all of them are geared towards small to mid-range businesses.

The price starts from $9.99 to $99.99 a month. 3Dcart also offers an Enterprise solution which costs $999.99 a month (a much cheaper compared to Magento’ Enterprise Edition) and it provides equally the same great tools, utilities, and functionalities that are found in Magento’ Enterprise Edition package.

3Dcart’ Enterprise Package is made for high volume stores online and contains a complete SaaS-based infrastructure and PCI certification with top quality security/monitoring, native support for various important apps and several other enhancements. Therefore, you may see the difference between 3dcart & Magento and what’s in it for you if you use any of them for your online business.

Marketing, SEO, & Branding …

Magento -:

Magento has all the basic SEO and marketing tools a website owner might need for their website to get a good exposure. By using Magento’ backend, you can integrate a Google sitemap, create SEO-friendly custom URL’s, exploit the inbuilt keyword research tool, inbuilt analytics, and on-page SEO handles like meta tags, alt tags, descriptions, title, etc. All of these tools will help you to set the best SEO credentials to uplift the exposure of your site and get the desired traffic.

Likewise, the SEO in Magento, you do not have to wonder about how will market your store and attract customers because Magento offers you some useful features, integrated within the dashboard, to maximize your online marketing campaign. You can avail the benefits from all the necessary ingredients for marketing like promotions, coupons, email marketing, SMM, and a unique multi-tier pricing feature pushing the audience to buy a little more to get supreme discounts.

3Dcart -:

3Dcart offers many similarities to the features provided by Magento in its inception of SEO and marketing tools, but there is a slight edge 3dcart has over Magento. You see, 3dcart’s templates are preconfigured for SEO and responsiveness, and the platform offers more advanced SEO/marketing options the most of the other eCommerce platforms.

Plus, there are some high bandwidth exclusive SEO service packages provided by 3dcart that is just unparalleled to any other. 3Dcart’ dedication towards the SEO/marketing of your site can be judged by the fact that every plan you will purchase will accompany at least 60 free responsive/SEO ready themes as well. Therefore, be sure that 3dcart will have you covered completely on SEO and marketing grounds.

Interface & Extensibility

Magento -:

Magento, although, have a very robust and functional interface but it is a dashboard which novice users might find tough to maneuver. So, in case you have some experience of using Content Management Systems, then things can go fine. Otherwise, you may need to learn or hire a web developer to do things on your behalf. This is one of the reasons because of which marketing gurus do not recommend Magento for small or new businesses. Its interface suits more to a trained eye rather than beginners in the field.

On extensibility, Magento does have a very active and wide-ranging plugin/extension store known as Magento connect. Over there, you will find hundreds of extensions that can augment the functionality and appeal of your online store. You can also benefit from the fact that there are both free/paid extensions available at Magento Connect you can use to enhance your website. With an open community, you can be sure of getting the maximum range of extensions for your site with useful help as well.

3Dcart -:

3Dcart has its usual advantages on both extensibility and interface over Magento, and all other popular eCommerce platforms. As we have already narrated to you in our comparisons above, 3dcart sports the most user-friendly, helpful, and functional dashboard for its users. It is that much easier to understand that even a novice can settle down and start building their store in no time. All praise can go to the developers of 3dcart who created an interface (much similar to WordPress) that has been around for a while and did not confuse the folks on how to do alterations within the backend.

Likewise, 3dcart store provides you high extensibility. There are two good perks 3dcart store offers you over Magento Connect: Free extensions and affordable paid ones. While the range might not be as large as Magento’s, and there is a good reason for that. As you know, 3dcart brilliant dashboard already is integrated with so many features and functions that you will hardly feel the need of any extensions for your site.

However, should you still require additional services, then enjoy much cheaper extensions and some good free ones as well on 3dcart store as compared to those found on the others. So, using 3dcart can end up in saving you money, time, resources, with a much concrete and better store then you can have in Magento or any other eCommerce platform. 

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