Bigcommerce -:

When it comes to pricing, Bigcommerce is indeed a colossal thing to bear. Although, the platform is highly a revered one in providing an eCommerce solution but their packages are a bit costly for the beginners. So, let’s see what are the different packages of Bigcommerce and how much they cost (compared to 3Dcart’s).

Price Range: $29.95 - $199.95 (with additional varying charges for Enterprise packages)

Plans: Standard, Plus, Pro, & Enterprise.

Product Inclusion: Unlimited on all plans

Files Storage: Unlimited on all plans

Transaction Fees: None on all plans

Social media integration: Available on all plans

Payment Gateway or Credit Card Fee: 2.9 + 0.30% fee on Standard and Plus; 2.2 +0.30% or lower on both Pro and Enterprise plans.

So, these were the basics financial aspects concerning about Bigcommerce. However, there is a thing which is very much unlike all other eCommerce platforms on Bigcommerce – sales limitation –. This is a one straight downfall in this great platform which possibly has restricted Bigcommerce to get a top rank in all of the eCommerce providers. These sales limits will apply per plan on your stores on a monthly basis. Here are the details on how much sales are restricted monthly on each plan:

1.     Standard Plan: $50, 000 sales limit monthly

2.     Plus Plan: $125, 000 sales limit monthly

3.     Pro plan: $1, 000, 000 sales limit monthly

4.     Enterprise plan: Unlimited or negotiable

3Dcart -:

As we have already mentioned above the lucrative benefits you will get by using 3dcart as your default eCommerce provider, you can take a sharp look at 3dcart’s remarkably low-cost packages in the comparison above with Shopify, but let me quote the major difference here as well. You see, as a direct invitation of goodwill, 3dcart is providing all of its plans with exclusive services/features between the price range of $9.99 a month to $99.99 a month.

In these respective prices, you will be enjoying all of the services which Bigcommerce is providing on its platform as well as with no sales limitations whatsoever and no extra fees of any kind.  Everything from the setup of your website to 24x7 technical support will be free on all plans that 3dcart provides. There are 100+ payment gateway providers as well, and you will get to sell not only through your website but on Facebook as well. The high traffic and enterprise plans by 3dcart are also quite affordable as compared to those of Bigcommerce.

To highlight you one of the most striking difference of cost-effectiveness between 3dcart and Bigcommerce, you will get Bigcommerce Pro plan at $199.95, and it is not even a high traffic advanced package. However, for this same cost 3dcart is giving you an excellent high traffic plan with 60GB of bandwidth without any extra fee whatsoever. So, as you can see for yourself that migrating to 3dcart will become more fruitful to you in cost management as compared to Bigcommerce. Now, let us see what are some the other main differences between Bigcommerce and 3Dcart on functionalities and features below.

Marketing, SEO, Branding …

Bigcommerce -:

Bigcommerce as a good platform with a flexible infrastructure which supports and enhances the website’s compatibility with the search engines out there. Along with using all SEO-ready themes for its online stores, Bigcommerce brings about a few great features and SEO modifying options for the users which can help improve the overall ranking and traffic flow to your site.

The biggest facility Bigcommerce provides to its user, for the betterment of your sites ranking, is undoubtedly its integration with Google Shopping. By using this integration, you can direct an enormous amount of traffic right back to your site through Google’s podium and expand the exposure of your online store. Plus, the microdata and reviews helps further in making search engines happier about your website.

And there are heaps of marketing tools as well in Bigcommerce. You can do an effective branding of your online store through Bigcommerce built-in features like daily deals and coupons, social media marketing tools, using email marketers like Mail chimp and various others as well. In an Overall view, Bigcommerce can be very helpful for both SEO and marketing of your website.

3Dcart -:

3dcart is the essential eCommerce platform when it comes to SEO & marketing. It consists variety of marketing & SEO features within the backend which can do all kinds of magic in bringing your website that promised exposure. You get the best responsive and SEO-ready themes (60+ free ones) with every plan you choose so you can be sure of getting the most out of your simple online store.

The significant difference between Bigcommerce and 3Dcart in this sector are its features and full array of marketing tools given to you at half the cost of Bigcommerce. You will get those familiar meta tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, sitemap generator and much more in 3dcart. Bigcommerce SEO optimization does not offer this much diversity as compared to 3dcart’s on-site SEO switches.

Likewise, in marketing, 3dcart offers plenty of utilities and tools for you get benefit from. Some of the features are quite unique which you usually cannot find in other eCommerce platforms. The plethora of marketing options in 3dcart are as follows:

Ø Social media marketing

Ø Newsletter campaigns

Ø Daily deals/coupons

Ø Product review publications

Ø Referral system

Ø Gift schemes

Ø Free shipping options

Ø Built-in affiliate marketing program

And so much more.

Interface & Extensibility

Bigcommerce -:

Bigcommerce has a good intuitive interface which is not quite hard for a user to walk through. The entire backend presents a much similar working to that of Shopify, but the look is entirely dissimilar between the two. Building your online store through Bigcommerce backend, however, still needs a person who at least knows basic ABC of CMS systems despite its being straightforward and innate.

Bigcommerce also have wide extension and plugin support. You can find all kinds of extensions for your online store through Bigcommerce’ dedicated app store. It can be accessed right within from your backend. Extensions/Plugins are sorted out into two categories: All plans and Enterprise. Bigcommerce has a different approach for the both, so it makes easier for the particular customers to get the products manufactured specifically for them. Plus, with a huge variety of extensions for your site, there are some free good ones as well on Bigcommerce making it a worthy choice to consider for your store.

3Dcart -:

As compared to that of Bigcommerce, 3dcart has a quite easy and straightforward interface which a novice can be able to use efficiently as well. Also, the great perk is that that 3dcart’s backend features a great drag-and-drip builder for easier customization. From the beginning setup which is easily defined in “9 quick steps” till the store up and running, you are all set and ready to go with its pretty neat backend.

3Dcart backend comes integrated with 60+ free responsive templates as well, and you can choose anyone which you like for your store. The 3dcart control panel is also very commandingly efficient. It allows you to customize colors, font, upload products easily, and make all other necessary changes into your site. So, with more features and easier to customize backend, 3dcart is mostly recommended for serious online business owners.

Additionally, 3dcart store provides you top quality wide-ranging apps for the improved functionality/features of your store. There is a combination of both free and paid ones and the paid ones are not that much expensive as compared to other eCommerce platforms. The shopping cart has a built-in feature of “Abandoned cart saver” which you can use to send pre-formatted emails alerting your customers to finish their abandoned checkouts properly. The significant factor in 3dcart’s backend CMS is that it already has lots of features installed where you usually don’t need to buy or use any third party extensions/plugins for your site. However, in case you do need one, 3dcart app store gave you the best discounted and high-quality apps for free and paid as well. 

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